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Mangomeadows is the world’s 1st Agricultural theme park spread across 30 acres of land with more than 4500 species of plants and trees. It is one of the most bio diverse pieces of land on the planet. In addition to this the park houses 50 cottages of which 12 have been fully completed. The cottages and accommodations erected within the park are carefully placed without disturbing the soft fabric of the environment. For anyone who seeks peace and wishes to flex his mind and soul, Mangomeadows will never be a disappointment.

Agricultural Theme Park Rides in different categories

Agricultural Extensional Services (Free Rides Including Tickets)

  • Guiding
  • Fishing
  • Fish feeding
  • Water wheel
  • Pottery experience
  • Traditional boat experience
  • Coconut climbing
  • Chinese fishing net experience (selected time only)
  • Bird watching
  • Butterfly survey

Free dormitory Services

  • Archery
  • Shooting
  • Human Gyro
  • Go-Cart
  • Cycling
  • Trampo line
  • Kids Cradle, park & ball pool
  • Pedal boat & Kutta Vanchi
  • Watch Tower
  • Swimming Pool (Kids & Adult)
  • Palluvan Pattu & Flutes Music Experience

Paid Rides

  • Paid Swimming Pool
  • Sikkara Vallam
  • Speed Boat
  • Woody Ride
  • Lift Ride
  • Derby Ride
  • E – Rickshaw
  • E – Train
  • E – Bus
  • Pendulum Ride
  • Rope way
  • Golf car


World's first agricultural theme park

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Our Cottages


Deluxe Cottage

Paddy View Cottage with Air Conditioning, Private Sit-out area, Living Room with Delux Furnishing, Swimming Pool with under water light, 24 Hrs Room Service etc..


Premium Cottage

Pool Side Water top Cottage with fish feeding floor opening, Centralized Air Conditioning, Private Sit-out area, Living Room with Premium Furnishing etc...



Air conditioning, Private sit out area, Living room with economic furnishing, 32′ LED TV, 24 hrs Room Service, Complementary Services

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Our Highlights


Agricultural Theme Park

100% organic farms. Wide varieties of fruits and vegetables. A wonderful opportunity to learn and experience the farm culture and traditional farming techniques.



Nakshatrakavala a place of trees associated with each birth-star that defines the relationship between the human and the green trees in the environment.

Traditional Meals

Traditional Food Store

A pure, natural and nutrient dense food store which supplies healthier foods. In Mango Meadows, you can enjoy and experience the traditional tastes of Kerala.



The Mango Meadows features 40 ultra modern cottages in the lap of nature, offering a truly mesmerizing experience of life with nature.

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Picnic Spot in Kottayam, Kerala
Mango Meadows – A great picnic getaway in Kottayam

Kottayam is a lovely city in the state of Kerala.
Tourist Places and Attractions in Kottayam, Kerala
Enjoy the real beauty of Kottayam, Kerala
When one decides to go on a vacation there is countless number of
Boating in Kottayam Kerala
Mango meadows have been one of the best resorts and amazing stay in Kottayam area amongst all the others because


It was my pleasure to visit your 'Mango Meadows Agricultural Theme Park' at my recent visit to Kerala during the 4th International Conference on Nano medicine & Tissue Engineering' which was organized by Professor Dr. Sabu Thomas,Mahatma Gandhi University Kottayam on 12-14 August 2016.

Indeed it was pleasant & remarkable experience to spend quality time at our agriculturist theme park after the conference.During the conference, the medical use of many local herbs  had been discussed & to my surprise, your agricultural theme park conserves & protects some of the rare & unique herbs of India.

Thank you Mr. Kurian. Excellent video and music is superb.Frankly,I did not know, till now, there was something unique called Mangomeadows in Kerala. Great job. God bless.

I have visited the upcoming Mango Meadows Farm-Tourism project of Sir.James Kurian, located at Ayamkudy in Kottayam Dist as part of field visit to explore the tourism resources in Kottayam District. I was surprised & quite impressed to see the efforts made by Mr Kurian,in developing a farm with almost all species that are available not only in this part of the country but also with very rare species from all over the world.I can only say that only a man like Mr. Kurian can think of such a mammoth project in the state of Kerala with a vision of showcasing the wonders on diverse agricultural & horticultural species including commerical corps,oil seeds,beverages & stimulants,medical aromatic plants,vegetables,tubers corps,agro forestry, garden plants, live stock, fish etc..

Today, I along with 45 members of my team members and their families from finance department of V-Guard industries Limited, Kochi visited Mango Meadows of shri Kurian.We happened to be the first picnic team to be granted entry to the first of its kind park Agricultural theme park nearing completion at Ayamkudy, Kaduthuruthy, Kottayam Dist. It is a place worth visiting and stands testimony to the commitments of a person to retain the farming heritage of a state and also protect the flaura and fauna of a region. We are grateful to the park team for the warm welcome and hospitality extended by them. It is a park work visiting and will take you to a very different world. I wish the park all success!

I am very happy to express my deep appreciation to Shri James Kurian who is the owner of Mango Meadows farm tourism project located at Ayamkudy in Kottayam district. I visited Mango Meadows last month along with my International collaborators. I was really surprised to see the efficient functioning of this organic farm in such an admirable way.It is quiet surprising that he could arrange a wide range of plants not only from local places but from around the world.

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This is to express my heartfelt  appreciation to you for your great effort to bring all the species of plants under a small roof of your own creation. This contribution of yours to botanic world will be ever remembered  specially whole world and Kerala in particular. As I was moving around the campus I felt in my heart some sort of proud to see materialisation of the great concept of a simple and humble person.In literature we study "Alice in the wonderland " but here it is the fulfilling of a single person's dream, I say it is the Kurian's wonderland. Here as I admire you ,extend all my cooperation prayers and sincere blessing for your good Heath so that all your endeavours bring fruitful result. Great,great,great it's marvellous!
Thanks, kurian, for your warmth and kindness, your overwhelming hospitality. 
it was a soulful experience.  mango meadows involved us totally.  if there was anything inadequate about it, it was that it was woefully short.
i looked out the window from the verandah of the cottage when the plants and the birds, possibly the fishes too, were waking up.  there was silence enveloping us, enlivened by chirping birds.  the still light green of the water in the sprawling pond was animated by an occasional pearl spot or banded snakehead coming up to the surface to snatch some crumb of food, or, just playfully.