Mango Meadows is the world’s 1st Agricultural theme park spread across 30 acres of land with more than 4500 species of plants and trees. It is one of the most bio diverse pieces of land on the planet. In addition to this the park houses 50 cottages of which 12 have been fully completed. The cottages and accommodations erected within the park are carefully placed without disturbing the soft fabric of the environment. For anyone who seeks peace and wishes to flex his mind and soul, Mango Meadows will never be a disappointment.

Project Mango Meadows was the brainchild of Mr. M K Kurian. With the rise of technology and an increasingly disconnected life of people around the world, Kurian was well aware of the unconscious longing that people had in their hearts for Mother Nature. He, just like everybody else knew that tradition and images from his childhood memories were quickly turning into stories and myths.

To preserve nature and the little things that mattered to us as children, Kurian knew that it was no easy task. He decided it to be upon himself to guard the bio-diversity, culture and tradition of his land bringing this mammoth project to life. He was aware that in order to see the fulfilment of his dreams he would have to invest everything that he had amassed over the years.

Kurian knew the risks he had to shoulder in order to see his dream materialize over the years. After careful examination of his plan he decided to take the plunge. Everything that you can see today at Mango Meadows is as a result of that PLUNGE!

With great care being given to developing the bio-diversity at the park, tending to the needs of the hour and solving different problems that were never heard of gave Kurian the knowhow needed to perfect his design.

Attempting to describe the project with words will most certainly become an understatement and hence EXPERIENCING IT UPFRONT WILL ONLY BE THE MOST EFFECTIVE MEANS OF COMMUNICATION.

Agricultural Theme Park Rides in different categories


  • Agriculture Extension Guiding
  • Fishing
  • Fish Feeding with Fish Food
  • Water Wheel
  • Pedal Boat and Kuttavanchi
  • Archery and Shooting
  • Human Gyro
  • Trampoline
  • Kids Park and Pool
  • Cycling
  • Pottery Experience
  • Traditional Boat Experience
  • Coconut Tree Climbing\
  • Chinese Fishing Net Experience (Scheduled Time Only)
  • Birds Watching
  • Butterfly Survey
  • 175 Varieties of Fruits Planets added in The Eden Garden Experience
  • “Naksha Vriksha” Experience
  • SarpaKavu (Abode of Snakes), Shadow of Bible (Bible Thanalil)
  • Niskarapalli Experience (Mosque or Masjid)
  • Domestic Farm Experience and Animal Humphrey
  • Tea Garden at Sea Level Experience
  • Telescope Tower Experience
  • Meenoottupalam (Fish Feeding Bridge) Experience
  • 84 varieties Vegetables Plants added Veg-Garden Experience
  • Different Traditional Methods used in Farming and Agriculture
  • Experience with 4800 Species of Plants including 700 Species of Trees, 2400 Species of Ayurvedic Plants more than 900 Species of Shrubs, 101 varieties of Mango Trees, 21 varieties of Jackfruits Trees, 39 varieties of Planterns, 9 varieties of Coconut Trees, 12 varieties of Guava Trees, 16 varieties of Jamba Trees, More than 64 Species of Fishes, More than 25 Species of Domestic Animals and Birds.
  • And all about Bio-diversity.


  • Swimming Pool
  • Shooting
  • Archery
  • Go-Kart
  • Cycling
  • Kids Pool
  • Pedal Boating
  • Row Boating
  • Kuttavanchi
  • Trampoline
  • Human Gyro
  • Kids Park
  • Manual Cradle
  • Flute Music Experience
  • India’s Biggest Aquarium


  • Shikkari Boat Service – 100/-
  • E – Bus – 25/-
  • E – Train – 50/-
  • E – Bus
  • Pendulum Ride
  • Woody Ride – 30/-
  • Pendulum Ride
  • Lift Ride
  • Speed Boat
  • Derby Ride
  • Pot Making – 100/- (for make and carry)
  • Private Swimming Pool-100/-
  • E-Guiding-250/- (4 Peoples)
  • E-Riding-150/- (4 Peoples)
  • E-Taxi – 50/-

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