Mango Meadows Walkers club

A walking club which is lead by Mango Meadows

Welcome to the Mango Meadows walkers club whose home is in the heart of the Kottayam one of Kerala's most unique landscapes where the views heal your mind and soul.

It welcomes members of different fitness levels and is open to adults of all age groups. Under 18's are allowed to attend walks under supervision of an adult but can't become a member till they reach 18. For people who are interested to join the club – please feel free to come along or contact.

The club provides members an opportunity to participate and see the beauty of the Mango Meadows even after the permitted time for visitors. So any member who enjoys a regular walk or a secret trail let us join you and get to know different areas. Walking is always more fun with good conversation.We look forward to meeting you on one of our walks.

Walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet!