Have a great time at Mango Meadows Kottayam

The opportunity for horseback riding in Kerala is really rare. In the days of yore, before motorized vehicles made their appearance, horseback riding was pretty common even in Kerala. In this age and time, even seeing a horse itself is a rare event, perhaps in the circus or sometimes on the beaches where horse ride services are provided.

Now if you really want to have a great vacation and enjoy a horseback ride too, visit the Mango Meadows agricultural theme park. This is a fantastic wooded sanctuary and a haven for nature enthusiasts. This biodiversity park is located at Ayamkudy which is near Vaikom in Kottayam District, Kerala.


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World’s First Agricultural Theme Park

The theme park in Kottayam is set on 35 acres of land and so you have a long trek path through the park which has thousands of rare trees and plants. The stroll itself is about six and a half kilometers long and you will get to meet rare trees like the Ficus Alii Tree, the Beggar’s Bowl — also called the Calabash plant, Cinnamomum Camphora — the tree from which natural camphor is extracted, and many more.

The park was created through immense dedication by Mr.N.K.Kurian with the intention of preserving and propagating the bio-diversity of this land. He is a person who through his efforts, reminds everyone who visits the park of the unceasing need to nurture plants and trees and preserve the biodiversity of our land. The nature park in Kerala is surrounded by lush green paddy fields as far as you can see. There is even a tall observatory where you can climb up and view the paddy fields all around and take magnificent photographs.


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Organic Farming in Mango Meadows

You can get to know your horse and then go for a ride on open fields and through the wooded trails around the park. You could imagine yourself as a cowboy coming to the rescue of those in need or a conquering hero like in the movies. Mango Meadows is a great place for a wonderful experience with friends and family.