Top View of Park

Best nature park in Kerala – Mango Meadows

Mango Meadows has won its place in the minds of tourists and holidaymakers as the World’s 1st ‘Agriculture Theme Park’. It is set on 30 acres of land and contains a massive 4500 species of plants and trees! This makes it one of the most bio-diverse and dense man-made regions of the world.

This lovely nature park in Kerala offers you exquisitely furnished cottages where you can stay comfortably with family and friends on an extended holiday. The cottages were built with great consideration for the natural surroundings and the environment.

Mango Meadows is just great for those who wish to spend a unique and nature-friendly holiday in a fantastic space filled with the goodness of nature. Here they will enjoy peace, fresh clean air, the purest water… and be woken up by the chirping of multihued birds.

This is the richest and most bio-diverse man-made nature park you can visit in India. Here you will feel truly in the lap of nature as you are surrounded by tall trees chosen for their salubrious benefits for mankind. Each and every plant has been carefully chosen and nurtured here lovingly and with great care. The task undertaken is truly mindboggling and painstaking.

Mango Meadows is surrounded by open paddy fields, streams and the park itself has two swimming pools and a large lake for fish rearing. Kids can run around the park, you can go on long walks, cycle or take an electric buggy as you explore the park and wonder at each plant and tree. The farm animals will be a great curiosity for children. There is also great children park with swings and slides for young kids. Older kids can try their hands at games and skills like shooting and archery under the supervision of experts.

At the park, you will feel invigorated and tiredness would seem to elude you. You will feel refreshed in mind and soul, relaxed and comfortable, enjoying a comfortable stay at the cottages and enjoying fresh and nutrition rich pesticide free natural product made into delicious dishes you love. You will feel the fresh air; the scents of flowers, the simple joys of a village life will come rushing to you, triggering memories of childhood in your village. You are miles away from the pollution of any sort and you will enjoy every moment.