Students Educational Package

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Enjoy and relax in one of the world’s richest bio diversity park. Experience ultimate relaxation in the lap of nature, surrounded by trees, wind, open paddy fields, and mystic magical places or nature’s own hot spots. Refresh your mind and body and even boost your memory with time in abundance. An ideal place to set your kids free to do what ever they want until they get tired. A place were all the modern amenities and goodness of mother earth meets. If you feel its time to breath some real fresh air then you can always come back for more. We are 100% isolated from all sort of pollution.

Full of Knowledge
  1. Explore 4500 species of plants and 10000 of sub varieties.
  2. Know our scientist: Roads named after scientists and famous personalities of India mentioning their achievements.
  3. The perfect place to teach and learn about biodiversity.
  4. Study the cultures and practises that prevailed in ancient India and their mystical relations with nature.
  5. Study about different types of medicinal plants and there uses.
  6. Learn the traditional methods used in farming and agriculture.
  7. Study about different species of fruits and vegetables grown in India. Over 140 species of fruits and 84 species of vegetables.
  8. Learn about different types of beverage crops grown in India.
  9. Learn about different types of spices and condiments grown in India
  10. Learn about animal husbandry, cattle farming and pisciculture.
Package Highlight
  1. Entry fee to the park for exploration and sightseeing.
  2. Service of a guide.
  3. Cheena vala demonstration.
  4. Jala chakra demonstration.
  5. Vegetarian meals included.
  6. Entry to Eden garden, Nakshathra vriksha Junction , Valentine garden, domestic animal farm, tea garden, telescope tower, Meenoottu palam, vegetable farm.
  7. Kothumbu Vallom demonstration.


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