The best theme park in Kerala

When you are planning to have a great time on your next holidays or weekend with family and friends, consider going to the world’s first agriculture theme park called Mango Meadows. Now you will wonder how an agriculture theme park will be all that fun, it may even sound boring. The truth be told, you will have the most fun-filled, informative, invigorating holiday of your life when you visit the park.

Set at Ayamkudy near Vaikom in Kottayam District, Kerala, Mango Meadows is spread over 35 acres of land and completely covered by rare trees and plants. There are nice paved pathways to stroll on or ride on a bicycle and the elderly can take a ride on the electric buggies if they wish. You can learn all about the plants and trees and how they play a part in the wellbeing of humans. Almost all the plants and trees have some part which is used in medicines or for some other use. There are trees like Ficus Alii Tree, Cinnamomum Camphora — the tree from which natural camphor is extracted, the Calabash plant whose gourd was used by mendicants and yogis as a begging bowl.

The pure air, the clean fresh water, the plants and trees, the farm animals and the fresh natural organic food at the restaurant here will all make you feel energetic and charged up when you leave. Before going home, there are lots of things you can do. You can stay here in some of the cottages that provide luxury stays. You can swim in the heart-shaped pool. You can play games and even ride a horse.

Mango Meadows is surrounded by lush green paddy fields which you can view from the observatory which takes you several floors above. You can see far off into the distant horizon, a sea of lush green paddy fields. So get ready for a grand vacation with family and friends by visiting Mango Meadows where you will get to watch innumerable birds, feed the fish and try your hand at milking cows. It will be an experience that will beat any other holiday.