Hidden gems in Kottayam – Mango Meadows

Mango Meadows Agricultural Theme Park is at Kaduthuruthy near Kottayam. It is a wonderful place to visit on your holidays with friends and family because there is a whole lot of wonderful activity in which you can participate. The entry fee is just Rs.350 but there are many activities in which you can be involved in and enjoy with the whole family.

First of all the park is filled with common and rare species of plants and trees. The pathways through the park are great for strolls, listening to the guide explaining each and every tree and how it is useful to mankind. There are over 4,800 species of trees and plants in this park! There is also an organic vegetable farm where a wide variety of fruits and vegetables are cultivated.

Every now and then on the way, there are quaint refreshment stalls that are reminiscent of village life in Kerala. There is a tender coconut stall, toddy shop selling mildly heady pure toddy and traditional delicacies including tapioca and yam curries. The village crafts area is where you can try your hand at pottery and making fresh pots out of pure clay.

The animal husbandry area will be loved by kids as they can view ducks, hens, geese, rabbits, quails, goats, cows etc in close quarters. They can also feed the animals and really understand how mankind gets its eggs and milk. If you feel tired already after walking for a bit, you can hire bicycles, four-wheeled buggies, electric buggies, electric rickshaws or take a ride in an electric train.

Mango Meadows also maintains a ‘Sarpa Kaavu’ which is a traditional abode of virgin forests set aside for snakes to live without harm. Snakes are believed to be an important part of the ecosystem in an agrarian society. The Sarpa Kaavu is preserved in honor of Snake Gods to who people pray to relieve their ills and ensure health and prosperity for the family. The traditional songs sung in honor of the snake gods is a dying art which you can witness at the park.

Feel the need for some munchies, head for the roasted peanuts stall or visit the way-side tea stall in the park where you can have hot tea or coffee with savories like Pazhampori, Parippuvada and more. Once you have had your fill, you can settle down at the bird sanctuary and watch migratory birds of many hues, some from even far off Siberia, come and settle down in the paddy fields spread out before you.

You can also try your hand at paddling at the traditional water paddle which was used to irrigate paddy fields in the right proportions. Further down the track, you can listen to your favorite songs played by the flutist on his ‘pullankuzhal’ (bamboo reed flute). Then you can head off to cool off the afternoon heat in the swimming pool or take to one of the fish ponds to try your hand at fishing or boating. There are various types of boats that you can try. The Shikara boat and the speed launch are much loved by young visitors.

Those who stay at the Mango Meadows can relax and visit the paddy fields and see how the cultivation of paddy is done by the local farmers. You can take a boat ride in the streams and backwaters in the vicinity too. The restaurant at the theme park serves traditional delicacies and curries made from freshly plucked organic vegetables and fresh fish fished from the farm itself.

The watchtowers are interesting places that can take you high up for a three-hundred-and-sixty-degree view of the whole region all around. Since there are no high rise buildings or homes around, you can see far off into the horizon. The play area is where kids can have a ball. There are safe trampolines, swings, and rides. You can also try out your aim with archery and air guns. The cottages at Mango Meadows are modern and tastefully furnished and comparable to star hotels in luxury. Interestingly some of the cottages have sections where you can look into the water below and watch fishes swimming around under your feet.

The Mango Meadows Agriculture Theme Park is a wonderful place to visit and have fun with your whole family or group of friends. The location is easily reachable from Kochi, Kottayam or any place in Kerala. And if you are coming from outside the state too, you can easily catch a cab at the Kochi International Airport and take a short one hour’s drive to reach the park at Ayamkudi at Kaduthuruthy, Kottayam district, Kerala. For more details or bulk bookings you can call: 90725 80508