Day and Night Package at Mango Meadows Agriculture Theme Park

Mango Meadows is India’s first agriculture theme park and it especially visited by those who have an affinity for agriculture, farming practices, nature and conservation, Ayurveda and the culture of the land. The nature park is located at Ayamkudy at Kadathurithy in Kottayam District of Kerala. The park offers visitors a special Day and Night Package for just Rs.1,500* per person as in introductory offer. This is a very affordable and special opportunity for visitors to enjoy the theme park to its fullest.

Once you arrive at the park by noon, you are welcomed with a cool welcome drink and then the guides will take you through the park and explain the theme of the park and introduce to each and every plant, tree and specialty of the park. There are a whole lot of free activities included in the package that you and your family and friends can enjoy. It includes free access to guides, cycling, go-carting, entry to kid’s park, shooting gallery, pedal boat, rowboat, fishing and fish feeding, access to swimming pool, watchtower, water wheel, and pond, keeping with the instructions and rules of the park. A sumptuous dinner is included in the package too.

The specialty of the park is the swimming pools and you should remember that this is not a water theme park but an agriculture theme park. The park has many new things including a mega statue of Parashurama. You can walk around the park, feed fishes, drive around in cycles, kids can play at the children’s park, visit the pens where you can watch various domestic animals, have a hot tea at the ‘local’ tea shop where you can enjoy tea the way you like it and eat hot vadas. 

There are many new facilities to stay in the park. You can easily travel around in the go-cart which can be cycled. You pass through various sections of the park including the fish pond which has a ‘Cheena Vala’ to scoop up fishes. You can row through the pond in ‘Kotta-vanchi’ (basket boat) which if you wish to experience, you may have to go some far of places where they are available and they charge you exorbitantly. Here you can use the facilities as much as you like into the wee hours of the evening and then there are musical programs and fireworks to enjoy too. Interestingly you will see fruit-laden trees bending into the pond, you can almost pluck the mangoes with hands when they are in season. If you wish to fish and watch the sunset you must definitely take the special package.

Mango Meadows gives wholesome entertainment and fun for the whole family from senior citizens to the youngest kids. It is a great place for family fun and togetherness. It is a great place to bring all the senior citizens in your family all the kids in your extended family. Another interesting feature is the pot-making area where you can sit with the potter and try your hand at making a pot. It is a great feeling to mold clay and feels the clay coming to life literally within your hands. Then you can walk down to the “Toddy Shop” to enjoy a sumptuous meal of Kerala style non-vegetarian dishes. This shop only has the ambiance of a village toddy shop but does not serve toddy. However, you can taste the very same style of cooking which is very fresh and spicy, especially the fish curries. The cool of the evening and the wind from the paddy fields is invigorating. The Day and Night package is only for families and couples. The joy of enjoying the pool in the evening under the moonlight is a wonderful feeling. You can also set off to a boating in the night, listening to traditional country songs in the background. The evening ends with a display of fireworks. All these are great for filling your camera with superb pictures and your mind with a whole lot of joyful experiences.