World’s first Agricultural Theme Park – Mango Meadows, Kaduthuruthi, Kottayam

 Welcome to India’s first agricultural theme park – the Mango Meadows at Kaduthurithi in Kottayam district of Kerala. Once you are here, there’s a lot you can do and enjoy! First of all, you will be in nature endowed exclusive grove of 4,800 species of rare plants and trees, each one chosen for its benefit to mankind in some way or the other. The nature them park is well designed with wide walkways on which you can also cycle or drive around in an electric buggy, rickshaw or train. The whole park stands on over 30 acres of land and so those who wish to walk can spend a whole day strolling and seeing all the wonders that the park has to display to you.

The Mango Meadows is a great place to stay over the weekend or for many days if you are on an extended holiday with family and friends. All the cottages extend out to a man-made lake in the center of the property. The cottages are tastefully designed and exquisitely furnished. The floor of the premium cottage has an area where you can remove the carpet and through the mesh on the floor, feed fish in the waters below. There are 63 species of fishes in the lake and many of them are farmed and the rest of them are ornamental. At the center of this lake is a platform from where you can feed the fishes. In Hindu traditions, it is a blessed task to feed the fish as one of the Avatars of Lord Vishnu took the form of a fish. You can walk to the platform in the heart of the lake by walking over a bridge. As you will be able to see, many of the fishes have already grown too large sizes and they fight for the food thrown to them.

All around this lake stands the cottages. There is a cable ropeway that goes over the lake. The pathway that winds around the park extends to 6 km. Each path in sections of the park is named after prominent environmentalists. Boating is one of the major activities in the park. You can set off on pedal boats for a nice ride around the lake. You can go bird watching and try your hand at fishing with a rod. The agricultural park was conceived and created over a period of 15 years by Mr. Kurien who systematically built it up according to plan. Each plant or tree has nameplates that provide all information about the plant and tree. The bird-watching area has benches where you can sit and watch endless fields and migratory birds. You will also be blessed with a wonderful sunset in the evening time.

Another specialty of the park is the Zodiac Junction where trees are planted corresponding to Zodiac signs. After all the walking around, it is time to cool off with a dip in one of the three pools at the park especially when you are staying there. Near the main pool is the statue of a mermaid. The pool is cool and surrounded by trees. Cycling is a great way to travel around the park. Once you begin cycling, you will not feel like stepping down, because the park is well shaded and you will not feel any strain at all. Very soon you will reach the watchtower from where you can see far off into the horizon. From the watch tower, you can see the whole property and get a three sixty degrees view which is unhindered.

The restaurant at the park serves a wide variety of traditional delicacies especially seafood. The fishes are extremely fresh as they have been caught from the lake itself. So next time you are considering taking off to a grand holiday set off to the Mango Meadows.