Welcoming your participation in a Mystical Magical Space Dedicated to Nature

Invest in Mangomeadows

Magomeadows is the world’s first Agricultural theme park.  The project is spread over 30 acres of land and is located at Kaduthuruthi in Kottayam District of Kerala State, India. At this nature-endowed unique space, the promoter, Mr.M.K.Kurian and associates have invested over Rs.125 crores in creating the infrastructure which includes a nature theme park, resort style villas, swimming pools, entertainment facilities, restaurants and much more.

The specialty of the park is that it has selected, brought and planted over 4500 unique species of plants and trees. This has made the park one of the most concentrated bio-diverse man-made areas in the whole world! The park spreads a message of environmental consciousness and sustainable development as well as the need to preserve our natural heritage.

It elaborates on the goodness of nature and tells us how each plant plays a significant role in medicines and holistic well-being by providing the ingredients that go into the making of both Allopathic and traditional medical sciences like Ayurveda. With a thematic presentation, the park is a visual delight and has amazed and avowed visitors from across the world.

The park offers resort style stay facility with 17 fully completed cottages and with 50 world class cottages envisaged in stages. The cottages blend with nature and with the overall theme of the park. The park has been conceived and developed by Mr.Kurian and fulfills his incessant desire to bring people of today back in touch with Mother Nature.

The park has already achieved a footfall of over 3 lakh visitors and has an average daily footfall of over 400 visitors. The project of striking natural beauty is located in a beautiful environ and offers a panoramic view of green paddy fields and distant hills as far as the eye can see. Naturally, the park has caught the attention of worldwide media and notable coverage from leading Television Channels and Print Media have promoted the project to a world audience.

Mangomeadows welcomes the participation of individual and corporate investors in the project in both the Corporate as well as investing in individual services and offerings within the park. The park is suitable for Global Investors who are interested in the residential resort sector in emerging markets. Kerala, with its worldwide reputation as one of the foremost and premier tourist destinations in the world, welcomes tourists from all corners of the globe.

The project has presented capabilities to generate strong capital growth and cash returns for shareholders and stakeholders. It offers multiple options to invest and profit from. A premier luxury destination, Mangomeadows offers an exclusive and singular experience that no other resort or tourist destination can offer.

Mangomeadows Agricultural Pleasure Land Pvt. Ltd., invites leading global investors in the residential resort sector in emerging markets, seeking to generate to participate in the project. The project is up and running and generating incomes more than initially envisaged. It is a space for tranquility and exclusivity where families with relatives and close friends can stay in peace and enjoy the real beauty of nature. It is a transformative experience at an awe-inspiring location – and ripe for plump investment.

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